A Refreshed Offer from the Highly Restricted Data Service

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The HRDS comprises four sub-services which provide secure platforms that make it easier for researchers to use restricted and highly restricted research data in their work. These systems are underpinned by the team’s technical and governance knowledge and their experience of data analysis. 

The skills required to work with restricted and highly restricted data mean that several of the service’s offerings are chargeable. The cost model for this has been designed to offer exceptional value and ensure that the service is sustainable and scalable to support researchers’ needs. 

Using the platforms hosted and supported by the HRDS is the easiest and most cost-effective way to demonstrate compliance with university and funder data management requirements. 

The cost of using the HRDS will need to be included in grant applications. Researchers should begin thinking about HRDS requirements at the pre-award stage of the research lifecycle. Each of the chargeable services from the HRDS will be fully integrated into the research costing tool (Blackdackel). 

You can find out more about the HRDS at: https://www.hrds.manchester.ac.uk/about/ or to discuss your specific needs, please e-mail: hrds@manchester.ac.uk 

Useful Information 

These links will take you to pages containing more information about each of the systems and platforms supported by the HRDS. They also contain links to relevant forms and application processes. 

Data Safe Haven (DSH) 

The DSH offers secure data storage and compute hosted on campus for a standard project charge of £2,000 per year. 

Bespoke Web Application Stacks 

The HRDS can support the creation and management of project-specific platforms for data collection, processing and sharing. An example would be a health app used by patients to record symptoms or measurements from clinical devices. 

The requirements of such platforms can vary massively, so early engagement with the HRDS is recommended. 


Located in the Main Library, the SafePod offers a secure physical room for working with data from national SafePod Network data providers. These include the UK Data Service, SAIL Databank and the Office for National Statistics. Access to additional datasets can be requested through the HRDS. 

Use of our SafePod is free of charge. 


REDCap is a well-known and respected survey and database platform used in the collection of highly restricted data for research. It is especially useful for clinical research data, longitudinal research projects, and working with other researchers who use the platform.  

Projects using REDCap will incur a one-off charge of £300 per project. 


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