As the Research Lifecycle Programme heads towards its final year, it’s the ideal time to reflect on the programme and its successes.

The Research Lifecycle Programme is a £15 million strategic investment to help remove administrative and technical barriers faced by researchers in their work. The programme is divided into three workstreams:

Each of these workstreams encompasses is divided into separate projects that help to ensure that the programme delivers significant benefits and improvements for researchers and the University’s reputation.

Speaking about the programme Professor Colette Fagan, Vice-President for Research and Professor Chris Taylor, Associate Vice-President for Research and Business Engagement said:

‘The value and capabilities that the Research Lifecycle Programme have given to the University exceed the initial investment. From the Pure Portal’s ability to raise our research profile, to brilliant tools like BlackDackel and SafePod and entirely new computational facilities, RLP has delivered for the University.’

We look forward to the programme continuing to deliver exciting and useful outcomes as it also prepares for its successor RLP2.’

There are around 20 projects in the programme and taken together they ensure that PGRs, experienced researchers and those somewhere in-between are able to benefit from the programme.

Despite some delays as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic the programme has delivered significant improvements to the University’s high-performance and cloud computing platforms, increased visibility for researchers through development of the Pure Portal, also known as Research Explorer, and new services to support the management of all forms of research data.

To find out more about each of the products and services made available through each workstream, follow the links below.