The Team

Dr Angus Hearmon

Angus HearmonResearch Lifecycle Programme Director

Angus is the Research IT Programme Director and IT Services Business Partner for research. 

He has a background in the chemical industry where he spent 20 years – ten years running nuclear magnetic resonance labs, and ten years running the research IT function and a knowledge management consultancy. After a few years as a management consultant covering strategic change in process industries, he joined the Civil Service on large IT projects. After eight years he became Business Development Director of a government laboratory, a role including research IT accountability. His last project in government was selling the lab to the private sector. 

Angus’s background in IT includes programming in Fortran, interfacing and networking large instrumentation, running applications development units, enterprise architecture of a large government department and developing large databases for research data. He has also consulted in knowledge management and research systems improvement. 

Angus spends his time at the University ensuring that the £15.4 million investment in the Research Lifecycle Programme maximises benefits for both researchers and the University.



Dr Kamie Kitmitto

Kamie KitmittoProgramme Manager

Kamie is a geospatial expert interested in the creation, value addition and management of data big and small.

After finishing his PhD in Geomatics Engineering at UCL and a stint in industry, he moved to Manchester in 1991 to provide consultancy and training to the academic community on the use of geospatial technologies.

Kamie is interested in the creation and utilisation of Spatial Data Infrastructure and their part in supporting, research, visualisation and analysis.



The RLP Project Team

Anthony Allen (Business Change Manager)


Bryan Archer (Project Manager)


Bill Ayres (Research Data Management Lead)


Carly Moseley (Business Change Manager)


Caroline Hargreaves (Business Change Manager)


Malcolm Brown (Project Manager)


Sarah Barton (Project Manager)


Dr Simon Hood (Project Manager)


Traceyanne Sinclair (Business Change Manager)


Dr Vivian Liang-Bradbury (Business Change Manager)


The RLP Interns

Kenta Ishikawa

Kenta has a background as an IT project manager in a Japanese government agency. He completed a Master’s in Digital Development (Management of information systems and international development) at The University of Manchester, researching effective system integration in education.

He coordinates various projects across the current Research Lifecycle Programme and provides support in new system implementation and data migration.

Freya Zhang

Freya recently finished her master’s degree of Educational Leadership in The University of Manchester and working for the Research Lifecycle Program (RLP) currently. She currently focusing on the CRM system, Research Risk Profiler (RRP) and capability map projects. 

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