Research Processes

Project A – Research Risk Profiler for ‘Trusted Research’

The Research Risk Profiler (RRP) is a simple questionnaire that helps identify challenges in key risk and compliance areas that may delay or slow a researcher’s work, including the government’s ‘Trusted Research’ compliance framework. The tool’s structured questions help to quickly identify potential challenges and signpost to resources and support offered by the University.

PGRs are likely to benefit from the simple approach that the tool offers. Whilst senior academics may be familiar with many of the common issues around risk and compliance, it is a dynamic environment and the RRP will be updated to reflect changes in University and funder policies.

Speaking about this workstream Andrew Walsh, Director of Research and Business Engagement Support Services, said:  

‘A key goal of The Research Lifecycle Programme is to ensure that researchers are able to spend more time focusing on discovery rather than administration. Researchers are now able to more easily model the costs of a project and benefit from standardised business processes when applying for research funding.

Tools like the Research Risk Profiler also act as enablers to research, ensuring appropriate advice and guidance is available to researchers whose projects are exposed to particular challenges in relation to risk and compliance.’ 

Project D – Blackdackel

Blackdackel has replaced the pFACT research costing tool. RLP identified that the pFACT research costing tool was not fit for purpose and in need of replacement. For example, approvals needed to be managed via a paper process, and the system was unable to demonstrate compliance with University policy of many costings. pFACT was also no longer supported by the vendor.

The identification and introduction of Blackdackel as a vastly improved system was accompanied by a review which updated process of resource costing to improve the reporting and management of research finance information and giving researchers more opportunities to model the costing of their projects at the development stage.

As well as improving the flow and management of information, Blackdackel enables easy integration of new University services, for example charges from the highly restricted data service and REDCap, to be added to the platform.

Project W – Pure Awards Management

Pure Award Management is a platform that provides a standardised business process for research funding applications. It was switched on in April 2021 and enables researchers to view and manage all of their projects, applications and awards in one place. It also centralises related research activity records such as a researcher’s CV, activities, research outputs, press and media appearances, prizes and impacts.

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