Improving research capability is at the heart of RLP

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The difference is clear

Since, 2019 the Research Lifecycle Programme has been improving The University of Manchester’s capability to conduct research.  The latest re-evaluation of research capability, using the research capability framework, shows that since 2019 there have been significant improvements across multiple areas, most notably ethics, funding bid creation, data strategy planning, and output management.  

A screen grab of the 2019 and 2023 research capability assessments.

This is fantastic news for our research community and its supporting services, since it means improved technology, resources, processes, and frameworks to support their world-class research. 

Why is research capability evaluation important? 

Like any programme, RLP has limited resources and must target areas that will produce the best results. The research capability framework is one of the tools we use to prioritise interventions. The capability assessment enables us to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. It also allows us to track progress in a consistent manner. 

Capability assessment is a great compliment to the direct feedback we gather from the research community. 

The goal posts are forever moving

It’s important to emphasise that the research capability framework will evolve in line with the dynamic research context, factors such as disruptive technology, cyber threat and government policy drive the need to develop new areas of competence with its supporting technology, resources, processes, and frameworks. The University is therefore unlikely to see a full set of green, high maturity, competencies, because it will always be responding and developing in line with change. 

Capability assessment is a useful tool for driving evidence based change 

In summary, in RLP we have found capability evaluation a helpful tool for identifying, prioritising and measuring our interventions, and it’s heartening to evidence the progress being made in building research capability at the University of Manchester.


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