HRDS Webinar

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Restricted data | 0 comments

On Thursday 9 March the team behind the University’s Highly Restricted Data Service hosted a webinar outlining the capabilities of the systems and platforms they support. 

This 50 minute webinar has been developed to explain the functionality and costs of using the platforms that are supported by the HRDS. The session was led by Danielle Owen, HRDS lead with Research IT, with contributions from Caroline Martin, HRDS Project Manager, Peter Crowther Infrastructure Analyst, and Niki Harratt Communications and Engagement Officer.

The HRDS support platforms that help researchers to collect, store and analyse data for their work. Using these platforms is the easiest and most cost-effective way to demonstrate compliance with the security requirements of funders and the University’s data management policies.

During the webinar Peter and Danielle explored how researchers are currently benefitting from the different HRDS platforms. This included information about how they can be configured, optimised or scaled for different research projects, explaining how they meet strict governance requirements and showing how this flexibility has already enabled researchers to focus on their work whilst the HRDS look after the infrastructure.


You can watch the webinar on the Research Lifecycle Programme’s YouTube channel at:


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