Updating the Research Lifecycle Programme’s Capability Assessment

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Work will shortly commence to update the research lifecycle capability assessment.  The previous assessment exercise was conducted by Sally Horridge in 2019 at the beginning of RLP1. This capability assessment became a baseline for RLP activity and informed the development of the Research IT strategy.

Why do the project now? This update to the capability assessment will allow us to review the benefits and success that RLP 1 programme delivered and will provide a baseline for RLP2 activities, which are due to commence in the autumn of 2023.

Will the assessment be a repeat of what was conducted in 2019? It will use a similar framework but will not use the same the template. The 2023 assessment will be tailored to the research community. The diagram below shows how the capabilities identified in the previous assessment have been mapped across to the new researcher lifecycle journey capability map. We have also included some additional capabilities (coloured white) to reflect additional areas of focus for RLP2.

A flowchart showing different areas of University activity and how they support the Research Lifecycle Programme

The RLP Capability Assessment from 2019

Background information:

What are capabilities: Capability describes what an organisation needs to do rather than how it does it. Capabilities can broken down into Process, Organisation, Location, Data, Application, Technology

How will the assessment be conducted: A review of each capability will be completed by interviewing colleagues that work in the relevant areas to identify key information such as processes, automation, standardisation, systems, information, security and skill set etc.

The team will use a mix of one-to-one interviews, panel session and questionnaires to conduct the assessment.

What is the Timeline? The assessment will commence at the end of January and should be completed by May 2023. Full details will be published on the RLP website once it has been completed.

How can I be involved? A panel of academic researchers will be recruited to provide input into the assessment. This will just involve a short questionnaire. If you would like to be part of the researcher panel, please email Anthony Allen.

More information: For more information on the assessment please contact Anthony Allen (Project Manager – RLP Project E)


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