File Upload feature now available on QualtricsXM

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Due to popular demand, the Research Lifecycle Programme has upgraded the University’s Qualtrics licence to include a new feature called ‘File Upload’ which allows survey creators to ask participants to upload a file along with their survey response.  

This feature is available to all Qualtrics users at the University. Files can be up to 100MB and a variety of document types are accepted such as PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and picture graphics. For security reasons, executable files (such as those ending in .exe) are not permitted. 

To find out more about the File Upload feature and how you can use it in your surveys, please see the Qualtrics support website:

Please note that while using Qualtrics users should familiarise themselves with IGO policies and guidelines on collecting data. For more information, please see the IGO Staffnet site.


How to access Qualtrics

Qualtrics can be accessed using an up-to-date web browser. Staff can access a Qualtrics account by logging in with their University credentials and 2-factor authentication from Duo.

Students can also access Qualtrics, when required by their lecturer, by using their University credentials. Currently, students are asked to refrain from using Qualtrics to capture highly restricted data until 2-factor authentication for students is rolled out at the University.


Further information:



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