February update on the Research Costing Tool

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Research Costing Tool Project 

The research costing tool project aims to improve the University’s ability to accurately cost research activity and will allow staff to model costs throughout the lifecycle of a research project. A product called BlackDackel, a web-based tool will be implemented at The University of Manchester.   

Project update 

Users Acceptance Testing (UAT) will commence for three weeks from Monday, 25 January 2021. This will encompass a period for testers to familiarise themselves with the tool as well as execute test scripts to ensure the product fulfils our requirements. Volunteers from Research Services as well as academics will be completing the testing and the project team is very grateful for their involvement.  

Support models are being finalised and knowledge base articles are in development, which will provide users with support information.

Forthcoming developments 

  • Training documents and videos will be developed for users once UAT has been carried out. 
  • New webpages will support the launch of the new costing tool and will provide users with a hub to find information and support. 


Launch remains to be as planned for April 2021. The Project Team is working tirelessly to get everything in place for launch and further training communications will be disseminated in the coming months to signpost users to training materials and support.  



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