Developing a Secure Research Environment

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The Research Lifecycle Programme’s work to help The University of Manchester to develop a Secure Research Environment is continuing to engage with stakeholders across the University. This includes academics and PS colleagues who support research. 

Work officially began in November when security consultants Red Maple/Tyburn were awarded the tender for this work. Since then, the programme has hosted a number of workshops and interviews with researchers, managers and PS colleagues. 

These sessions have been led by participants and have identified challenges around the use of IT equipment, storage of research data, export controls and safe travel to other countries. 

Throughout February there will be a series of town hall-style meetings for each academic school. These will give members of the research community another opportunity to outline challenges and issues that they face in conducting or supporting research. 

These sessions will once again be led by Red Maple/Tyburn, but will be structured in such a way as to better understand the challenges, and potential mitigations, identified during earlier consultation activities. 

Next Steps 

If you would like to join your school’s town hall meeting, you can do so by registering for one of the sessions below.

School of Health Sciences

21 February, 2-4pm –

School of Medical Sciences

22 February, 2-4pm –

Faculty of Science and Engineering

26 February, 10.30am-12.30pm –

School of Social Sciences

27 February, 10am-12 noon –

School of Biological Sciences

27 February, 2-4pm –

School of Arts Languages and Cultures

29 February, 10am-12 noon –

School of Education, Environment, Education and Development

29 February,


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