Open Research Fellowships

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The Office for Open Research is excited to announce the launch of the Open Research Fellowship Programme. This initiative, marking its one-year anniversary, offers a unique opportunity for researchers to advance their careers while contributing to the open research community.

The programme provides financial support by covering salary costs for up to five fellows, allowing them to dedicate one day a week to their open research projects. Fellows will also have access to a network of professionals, resources, and support from the Office for Open Research. 

Applications are open to all academic, professional, and technical services colleagues at The University of Manchester. The selection process is based on the merit and potential impact of proposed open research projects. Applications close on Monday, 31 July. 

Participating fellows will also contribute to the development of open research training resources and form a network of open research leaders and champions, who will advocate for open research within their departments and build a strong community of practice. 

For more information and application details, please visit the Office for Open Research website or contact the team at  


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