Figshare: Manage and publish your research data easily with the University’s research data repository

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Following its soft launch in summer 2021, the Research Lifecycle Programme is pleased to announce the formal launch of the University’s Figshare for Institutions research data repository.

Figshare is a powerful, flexible and easy to use platform for storing, managing and publishing datasets, files and related resources, and linking them to the published outputs of your research projects. It can also be used to share initial data and findings, multimedia elements that reflect your research and other files generated during the course of project work. Sharing data on Figshare helps make it for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) and also supports the University’s commitment to open research practices. With many funders now specifying that research data be shared, Figshare is an easy way to satisfy this requirement too.

To get started, simply visit the University’s Figshare homepage and click the red ‘Log in’ link on the top right of your screen. You will then be prompted to log in using your University username and password. There are some useful resources for getting to grips with Figshare on the website and the Research Data Management Team in the Library can assist and advise also:


A further training and Q&A webinar with Figshare will take place in early 2021. Details of this will be published on the RLP newsletter.


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