MS Teams Guest Access: Enabling collaborative working with external colleagues

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Enhance research collaboration and communication with external partners when using Microsoft Teams. 

Colleagues in the University research community are now able to invite external guests to join their Microsoft Teams. This new functionality allows all the Teams tools to be used with external colleagues including chat, meetings and document sharing in a safe and secure manner, in one easy to use application. 


What does Guest Access provide? 

If you’re working collaboratively with external partners, Guest Access lets you add individuals to your Team or channels as guests, using the guest’s organisational email address. They can then act as a full team member. 

This enables the creation of Teams workspaces to support collaborative activity with both internal and external colleagues. Using the guest’s organisational email account, only the team owner can allow guests to collaborate on shared documents, with full access to team chats and meetings.  


The ability to allow Guest Access is especially beneficial for researchers who are managing collaborative teams that include colleagues from external organisations. 


How to apply for Guest Access Control 

Application forms and more details are at:



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