November update on the Research Costing Tool

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Research Costing Tool Project

The research costing tool project aims to improve the University’s ability to accurately cost research activity and will allow staff to model costs throughout the lifecycle of a research project. A product called BlackDackel, a web-based tool will be implemented at The University of Manchester.


Project update – system and user testing

Final system testing will conclude in the coming weeks allowing for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to commence.

Preparations for UAT are underway. Volunteers have been recruited and will receive training to support them through the UAT process.


Forthcoming developments – integration with Pure and support models

  • Enhanced integration work stream is scheduled to be delivered at the end of October. Once delivered, additional testing of the tool and Pure will commence by the project team to ensure all functionality works as anticipated.
  • Business readiness activities and support models are in development. This will create user support systems, such as helpdesks and escalation processes, should any questions or issues arise when the product is launched and post-launch.



Anticipated launch remains to be the quarter 1 of 2021. We were aiming to deliver the project by the end of January, however enhanced holidays and late delivery of some components from outside suppliers may push UAT to January resulting in a delayed launch, not to exceed the end of quarter 1 2021. 



  1. Marta Fole Pintos

    I could be useful a webpage for the RCT including groupings and their work.

    • Fiona

      Hi Marta, Thanks for your suggestion. A webpage for the RCT is currently being arranged and this will be launched when the service launches in Q1 2021.


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