Figshare: Research data repository at the University

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The Research Lifecycle Programme is developing a research data management strategy in collaboration with researchers, to improve access export and preservation of data. One of the outcomes of this is to deliver an institutional research data repository for the whole University. This will help ensure that all our research communities can easily manage and publish research data, not only to support project outcomes but throughout the research lifecycle.

In November 2019, we asked for volunteers across the research community to help procure the most suitable research data repository service.

We are now pleased to announce that The University of Manchester will be implementing Figshare to host research data. Accessible from anywhere, Figshare is a cloud-based platform for storing and sharing research data. 

With Figshare, researchers can upload their research data in any file format and mint a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for citing the data in publications. Data in Figshare can be made publicly available (meeting funder requirements for openly-available data), conditionally available with an embargo, or restricted if necessary. Files made publicly available in Figshare are discoverable in search engines, including Google Scholar and Google Dataset Search and engagement and impact of the research can be tracked through views, downloads, citations, and Altmetric usage tracking.

The Figshare service will be launching for use in the new academic year.

For more information on how the University can help you store and share your research data, contact


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