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The University is currently reviewing the need for a University-wide survey tool. When the project to review survey tools was put on hold 18 months ago, feedback was gathered to identify the most important requirements (listed below). We would greatly appreciate feedback from all staff and researchers to make sure the list is still relevant, and to add any requirements that were not captured previously.


  1. Simple to use / user friendly.
  2. Allows branching.
  3. Allows access on multiple devices.
  4. Ability to personalise surveys.
  5. Training / support readily available.
  6. Ability to share survey permissions across the team.
  7. Ability to select data & time to push survey automatically to different time zones.
  8. Allows survey translation to provide survey in other languages.
  9. Allows offline surveys.
  10. Allows hosting options.
  11. Allows API integration.

Is there anything you would want to add to the list?


Please get in touch with by Friday 7 February.


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