Socially responsible RDM: RLP Project U

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Drawing on the University’s strategy for research data management (RDM), one work stream in RLP’s Research Data Management project (Project U) focuses on approaches to Socially Responsible RDM.

This examines how aspects of social responsibility can be applied to data generation, analysis, publishing and reuse throughout the research lifecycle. Our aim is to align with the University’s position on Open Research and the Social Responsibility plan, the priorities of which reveal many areas where RDM considerations can make a difference including:

  • Engagement, involvement and inspiration
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Embedding social responsibility

Across the lifecycle there are opportunities to take a more socially responsible approach to RDM including:

  • Consideration of these factors at the Data Management Plan (DMP)/bid process as a response to funders who encourage sustainable research practices.
  • The environmental impact of data management that relates to instruments, computational systems, storage platforms and long term preservation of data.
  • Using online collaborative tools to reduce travel requirements and the potential of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNS) to reduce physical material usage.
  • How open access, research data repositories and publishing of data outputs and resources can support outreach efforts and citizen science activities and encourage discovery and reuse by wider audiences.

Within Project U, planning is currently taking place for an audit and report on the environmental footprint of a typical scientific research facility, with a focus on RDM. We are also engaging with colleagues across the University who are involved with existing initiatives and groups that lead on social responsibility. But we also recognise that there are people we haven’t yet connected with who may have an interest in this area, and we would value your perspectives and input.

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