December update on the Research Costing Tool

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Research Costing Tool Project 

The research costing tool project aims to improve the University’s ability to accurately cost research activity and will allow staff to model costs throughout the lifecycle of a research project. A product called BlackDackel, a web-based tool will be implemented at The University of Manchester.  


Project update 

The Enhanced Integration was deployed at the end of October and the project team has been involved in rigorous testing. This will continue until all test scenarios have been executed ready for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to begin in the New Year. 

Support models are being finalised and knowledge base articles are in development which will provide users with support information.  


Forthcoming developments 

  • Governance structures are being designed to ensure all future decision making is approved by the relevant bodies. 
  • Final developments will be made to the test system towards the end of the year and all additional functional testing will be completed by the project team ready for UAT. 



As REF approaches at the start of 2021, it has been decided by the Project Team, and subsequent approval boards, that the launch of BlackDackel is to be April 2021.  This will allow staffing resource to focus on REF before introducing the new costing tool.  




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