Survey Tools (Y)

We intend to:

  • Decommission the fragmented survey tools offering at the University 
  • Replace these tools with two best of breed tools – a world leading tool, recommended by Gartner, QualtricsXM and a specialist survey tool service based on REDCap, a tool favoured by FBMH researchers.

We plan to deliver:

  • QualtricsXM survey access to the research community at The University of Manchester
  • A REDCap service provision
  • QualtricsXM access in addition for staff in the student and professional services domain
  • Online training and support for QualtricsXM

The benefits:

  • Reduced time developing and deploying surveys, including more sophisticated surveys
  • Automated reminders and thank you notes will save researchers time, improve completion rates and improve the quality of researcher data
  • Better secure platform for surveys



  • 2020 – 2021

Project Manager: Kamie Kitmitto

Academic Sponsor: Nikolay Mehandjiev