Pure Awards Management (W)


We have:

Updated implemented the Pure Awards Management Module to the University’s Pure system. Find out more at: https://www.staffnet.manchester.ac.uk/pure/researchers/amm/

We originally intended to:

  • Manage the creation and tracking of grant and contract applications and awards in Pure, improving transparency of information for the whole research team.
  • Improve the ability for Research Services teams to manage funding processes through reduced duplication of data input and sharing of information across teams. 
  • Enable Heads of School and other approvers to complete funding application approval online and have visibility of activity in the pipeline.
  • Improve control and compliance with funder terms and conditions through digital storage of associated documentation.
  • Improve management information around research applications and awards.

We plan to deliver:

  • Replacing multiple inefficient paper-based processes with online application, approval and award management processes. 
  • Improve tracking, transparency and status reporting throughout a project from idea to outputs and outcomes. Providing a shared environment across the research team, Research Services, Contracts and others. 
  • Decommission five legacy systems and the retirement of one other.
  • Consolidated, online interface and digital document storage and retrieval to ensure compliance with funder terms and conditions. 
  • Support the delivery of the Research Lifecycle Programme and adherence to overarching principles. 

The benefits:

  • The introduction of new, standardised business processes associated with applying for and securing external research and associated funding. 
  • The implementation of a Researcher-centric system enabling the viewing and management of research projects, applications and awards alongside other related research information (Such as a Researcher’s CV, Activities, Research Outputs, Press/Media appearances, Prizes, Impacts etc.).


  • 2018-2019

Project Manager: Malcolm Brown