High performance compute investments (Z)

We have

The Research Lifecycle Programme has made one of the largest single investments in the University’s high-performance computing pool to create a platform with 4096 CPU cores, 192GB of RAM and rapid interconnects. These investments have increased the scale of problems that researchers can tackle.

Find out more about the university’s HPC Pool at: https://research-it.manchester.ac.uk/services/the-hpc-pool/

We originally intended to:

  • Augment existing on-site computational resources with a new, true High Performance Compute (HPC) service.

We planned to deliver:

  • A defined service and service levels
  • An on-site, true HPC resource based on 4096 CPU cores, integrated into the existing Research IT ecosystem (storage, compute resources and Virtual Machines).

The benefits:

  • The ability for our research community to address larger-scale computational problems
  • Researchers’ computational work will no longer be constrained by the fragmentation of compute resources on previous on-site resources
  • Provide HPC stepping-stone to national HPC service (currently Archer)


  • 2018 – 2022

Project Manager: Simon Hood