Databases for research (N1)

We intend to:

  • Create the infrastructure to provide databases and data management as a service.

We plan to deliver:

  • The provision of databases to cater for different types of data. The following are in scope SQL data, noSQL data, Graph and Linked data, and GeoSpatial data.
  • Lab notebooks.

The benefits:

  • Consistent way to manage and curate data, for now and the future.
  • Avoidance of loss of data assets due to changes in staff changes in software.
  • Better security in managing data. 
  • Better understanding of the diversity of data assets. 
  • Create the possibility of leveraging compatible datasets.
  • Future proofing data access through stopping the proliferation of databases within the enterprise. 
  • Lower the cost of managing data. 
  • Improve teaching activities through enabling access to researcher data assets in a consistent and controlled manner. 


  • 2019-2020

Project Manager: Daniel Sanchez